AoPS Academy Johns Creek Campus is closed. You may take our video-based live classes offered by AoPS Academy Virtual Campus.

Training Today's Brightest Minds to Solve Tomorrow's Problems
Art of Problem Solving brings its problem-solving teaching methods to local academic centers, with 10 locations in the US and more being added every year.
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After School, Weekend, and Summer Courses for Grades 2–12
Success in school and in life requires critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Students build all three in our challenging math and language arts classes.
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A History of Success
Since 2003, AoPS materials have been used by winners of every major math competition as well as students admitted to the best schools in the world.
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Enrichment for Atlanta's Brightest Students

At AoPS, we got our start writing textbooks that generations of students have used to succeed in the toughest math competitions. But we didn’t stop there. Today, we offer online classes, design engaging educational software, publish a full math curriculum, and teach challenging in-person-classes in math and language arts.

AoPS Academy instructors have advanced degrees from universities like Harvard, MIT, and Emory. They inspire students to explore new ideas in depth and hone advanced skills. Our math courses teach creativity, instill perseverance, and build a flexible approach to problem solving. Our language arts lessons in grammar and vocabulary help students develop into fluent, thoughtful communicators.

We’re conveniently located for northern Fulton, Forsyth, and Gwinnett County families, close to Suwanee and Johns Creek at 5050 Research Court, Suite 650, just off GA-141.

Want your child in a program where they’re surrounded by motivated peers and learning from the best? Join us at AoPS Academy Johns Creek!

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Our advanced content courses in math and language arts inspire and engage students. We help them follow their passions and develop a deep understanding of challenging material. We’re training today’s brightest minds to solve tomorrow’s problems.

AoPS students go on to enroll in prestigious schools like MIT, Harvard, Duke, and many more. The team that won the 2018 International Mathematical Olympiad all took AoPS Courses, and so did the 12 winners of the 2018 USAMO. If your child dreams of taking home gold at the GAE State Spelling Bee or the GCTM Math Tournament, or of building the problem-solving skills needed to succeed in the country's top universities, they’ll be in good company at AoPS.

If you’re looking to surround your student with supportive peers as they propel each other to even greater heights, AoPS Academy Johns Creek is the right choice.

My nine-year-old son LOVES his class! The math is inspiring, the teacher has a wonderful sense of humor, and he got to meet other students who love math as much as he does. Amazing job! Thank goodness we found AoPS!
Excited Dad
My younger son is a very active learner and had been completely turned off math by the 'memorize and repeat' work he did before coming to AoPS Academy. He used to fight every teacher on math work. Now he's zipping through the Beast Academy workbooks and online practice. In just a short amount of time with your math program, he’s become a little math guy!
Jean R
My son just took the SAT and got a perfect 800 in math. Thanks, AoPS Academy, for helping him advance his skills!
Thrilled Mom
My son used to feel awful and give up when he got math problems wrong. But it doesn’t seem to bother him this year, and he's developing persistence as he works on hard problems. Thank you for helping kids take on challenges and really shine!
Happy Dad
Many academic centers repeat concepts over and over, but AoPS Academy is different. Their highly qualified instructors teach in much greater depth and get students interested in complex problems. It's a great learning experience in a friendly, fun, and challenging environment.
Sandeep J
My children love AoPS Academy and look forward to class every week. AoPS maintains a high standard with their focus on high-achieving students and selective admissions process. I truly admire the staff's skill at keeping students engaged and challenged.
Sumali S
The staff at AoPS Academy do a great job helping students reach their fullest potential. My children have learned to think logically and creatively through solving tough problems. I'm glad we found this valuable resource!
Usha D
AoPS Academy has a superb curriculum and outstanding teachers. If only we could have experienced math like this when we were young!
Molly and Richard T
Our son loves math and science and really feels at home at AoPs Academy. He's found a community of peers there who value his abilities and he's learned that it's okay to be good at math.
Neil D
Sending my child to AoPS Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. His math skills have improved dramatically, and I'm very impressed with everyone who works there. I'd recommend AoPS Academy to any parent wanting to help develop their child's potential.
Kiran H
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